Though my focus is on portraiture, it is difficult to ignore the world around you.  Any form of painting helps one understand and progress the craft. To me, portraiture, still life and landscape all have the same fundamental processes in creation. When you strip it back to the basics, looking at colour, tone shape and form are the same in all the disciplines. The challenge of painting an egg or a head, a shoe box or a house should all amount to the same.

Its all about the 10,000 hours (and the rest) of practice study and repetition. 

Being blessed with now living in beautiful Suffolk, how can I not paint what is around me or the places on my travels.

Always looking and then looking for the truth…

Snape Malting  Oil on canvas 60 x 30cm

Dunnotah Castle   Oil on canvas 70 x 70cm

Mid afternoon Heat Murano Oil on canvas board 20 x 20cm

Clouds Towards Snape Bridge  Oil on canvas 25 x 20cm

Thorpeness Mere  Oil on canvas 30 x 40cm

From Greenwich to the City   Oil on board 60 x 30cm

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